Pacom Base Station
Intelligent Alarm Receiver
The Pacom Base Station provides the receiver hardware for the Pacom System. A smaller, standalone version of the Base Station is available, called the Pacom TransIT. A TransIT supports up to 100 Controllers. A Pacom Base Station is required for applications with greater than 100 sites (Controllers).

The design of Pacom system components uses a modular and flexible system design concept that helps meet the requirements of a variety of system applications.

The Pacom Base Station is an alarm gathering and routing unit which collects data from all Pacom Field Controllers via the data and/or telephone network and passes it to the GMS server and/or third party monitoring centers.
When the Pacom Base Station is combined with GMS it provides an end user with a real-time, bi-directional, communications link to monitor, manage and control all Pacom Field Controllers and associated devices. This architecture provides a modular and scalable design for redundant wide area networks and integrated dial-backup to the field hardware installed at the remote sites.
While GMS provides the user with centralized management and control of all the alarm and access control functions of the remote facilities, the Basestation hardware provides the choice to either out-source primary alarm monitoring to a central monitoring station or to perform in-house monitoring and remote management via GMS. In fact, the Base Station enables a customer to be monitored by more than one central station. Alarms from specific panels can be programmed to route to a specific (serial) port which is associated with a central station.
This unique system configuration provides customers with an open architecture approach to system integration with a choice to integrate the application of their choice.


The Pacom Basestation is typically composed of three main components:
- One pair of 1047 CPU cards, one active and one running in hot stand-by mode (dual redundancy)
- A number of 1047 CCU network/dial cards which support up to 200 field controllers per CCU
- A number of rack mounted power supply modules

Enables centralized remote management of all Pacom panels

Rack-mountable: The Base Station is housed in the Pacom 1093 "sub-rack", which occupies 9 units of a 19-inch rack

Perform broadcast programming changes to many panels at once

Supports up to 10,000 field controllers
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